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Never Married
Toronto, Ontario
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Libertad. debemos luchar por!

Trying to stay within the bounds of completing half my Deen. Insha'Allah I wish that upon everyone of you. Amateur pilot. Currently working to get my CPL. I work as an 18 wheel operator for a North American company that provides aerial machinery for production companies. I.e. Netflix Studios, Disney, Hollywood Studios etc. By trade I'm a graphic designer. I have many hobbies tbh. One of my favorites is observing artifical cloud formations. I'm kidding. Well not really lmao but I do produce music. If I'm not busy working on art projects then you can find me cooking, or watching the office for the 60th time. I also like to research on political downfall of today's modern world and compare it to the old world. Figuring out what went wrong where because it's evident, we really aren't living in a perfect world. Islamic History is one of my favorites Pre Mohammad (ESWS) and Post. The rise and fall of the Ottomans, The Mongol Reign, Salahuddin's promise to the people of Al Quds, Theology and Islam.. it goes on. I tend to be critical with my thoughts and work towards adapting a minimalist life style. I go to the gym every day. I try to eat as healthy as I can but that Maash Daal and Paratha has been a weak spot of mine since time, still is. I work hard, I live on my own so if you're down to lead a fun adventurous life and make the most out of this life Allah has provided us.. let's get on it. All the best to everyone. Ma Salam. **Palestina Para Siempre**

5'  8"   (173 cm)
Family Roots
East Indian
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Bachelor's Degree
Automotive / Aviation / Transportation
$60,000 - $75,000
Some Other Viewpoint
What languages do you speak?
English, Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish
Favorite Music
Acoustic, Instrumental, Latin, Dance / Electronica / House, Lounge / Chill
Favorite Actors
The U.S Gov
Favorite Artists
John 00 Fleming, Tim Dillon
Favorite Athletes
Shane Warne
Favorite Authors
Jordan B. Peterson, Sh Imran Hossein, Stephen M. Goodson
Favorite Bands
Black Crows, Ocean Colour Scene
Favorite Hangouts
Bonfire by the beach
Favorite Books
The history if Central Banking and the Enslavement of Man, The Dimming, The Weather Machine
Favorite Cities
Favorite Colors
Black and all of its' shades
Favorite Country
Nationalism has been a divisive tactic used by elitist factions for domination so, If I was to say which country is my favorite, I'd go back in time and say Andalus
Favorite Drinks
Favorite Comedies
The Tim Dillion Show, Delirious, Kat Williams
Favorite News Anchor
Journalism is dead.
Favorite Night Clubs
The Gallery at Turnmills
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
In my back yard
Favorite Plays
Sheikh Spear
Favorite Politicians
They're all paid off
Favorite Quote From A Movie
“Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it’s not like this compulsive need like my need to be praised.” M.Scott
Favorite Restaurants
Where do I begin.....
Favorite Songs At The Moment
"Sounds Rushing" -Dominic Plaza
Favorite Sports
Favorite TV Comedies
The Office, Parks and Rec, Rust Valley Restorers
Favorite TV News Sources
You mean the ones that are lobbied and funded for purposes of propaganda.
Favorite Foods
Pakistani, specifically; Aloo Paratha
Favorite Styles Of Music
Ranchera, Merengue, Dark Techno, Progressive Psy trance, tech trance, Alternative, coke studio, old school hip hop, Orchestras and scores